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Disabling of a proxy server in a browser

Even the number equal to the number of fingers on two hands will be enough for telling how many browsers exist today. However regardless of a browser you use sooner or later there will be a question - how do I delete the proxy from my browser?


Usergate Proxy & Firewall: main opportunities

Proxy & Firewall – is a convenient and affordable option of expensive foreign software. Altogether with the embedded firewall it provides safe access to the global network, protects from external attacks and allows to control traffic. UserGate app is a web gateway for corporate networks. It is a reliable proxy server actively used in Russia.


Use and functions of a proxy server

Today even young kids know what proxy server is. There can be different purposes and each of them provides a user with complete freedom of action. Proxy functions are not anonymous surfing only. But what is the use of proxies? Read below.


Failed to connect to server

When loading a webpage a browser can display the message of failure to connect to server. This problem may appear in any browser : «Yandex», Opera, Google Chrome. Nothing depends on the operation system here.


Types of proxy servers and classification

A proxy server is a transient computer with the proper software installed. It acts as an intermediary between user's computer and the Internet. A proxy server is used for: data caching and compressing, protecting a local network from external access, limiting access to certain websites, block ads and malicious software and so on.