Network server setting

How to set a network server, examples of simple configuration. — tips and recommendations from the Advanced.Name specialists

Network server settings, examples of right and safe configuration

Nowadays even a small number of computers located in one company requires creation of a server regardless of whether it is an office or a big company, a school or a small organization. A server is a complex of programs which is supposed to synchronize and automatically process information. In other words its servers as a hardware for performing software tasks.

Type and use of servers

  • File server (a centralized data storage providing the opportunity of configuring information between the systems);
  • Databases (information processing);
  • For printing (Allows several computers to use one printer);
  • Workgroup (for more than 20 computers);
  • Mail server (information exchange and establishing the connection between local network users);
  • web-server (flawless operation of websites);
  • Proxy (Actually, it is the specialization of our website, it works between local network users and the Internet).

Each server may have different settings options. All of them require the software and sometimes professional administration. The configuration selection directly depends on the purpose a server is used for.

Complete installation requires deep knowledge of the process. That is why correct server adjusting can be performed by a professional only. In case of difficulties you may contact our specialists and get the professional help in installation of choice of configuration.


Setting is always done on behalf of the administrator. They often used a separate machine for server equipment but if there is no such a computer it is possible to install a server to the administrators PC.

  1. The initial settings may be left as by default.
  2. Product key activation (the key is related to the equipment, it is impossible to use it on other PC; the activation goes online).
  3. Main computer creation. One 1 computer can be the main. In case if it is the only computer it should be the main anyway.
  4. Enter port (Just as the key it should be unique. It cannot be left as by default).

A server guarantees reliability of storage and sinchronization of your information. Thus it is necessary for computer system association.