Socks List Processor (SLP)

Windows software for mass proxy server lists checking against various parameters. Very stable, can be installed on the server and works for months. At a given interval, it checks the proxy for the desired parameter and saves it to FTP or a local disk. Buy proxies for SLP you can here.

Current version: 4.5

License: Freeware

Download (Installation not needed)


Socks List Processor (aka SLP)- automatic socks downloading/merging/checking/uploading software! Which enables to increase mailing speed in many times! Exclusive solution for professional bulkers!

  1. SLP downloads socks servers lists from ftp/http server(s) and/or local text file(s), merges, checks for connect to SMTP/HTTP server and/or for RBL existence downloaded socks servers.
  2. Software can automatically delete duplicate socks servers, sort and upload them on remote ftp server(s) or save localy.
  3. Passibility to split big merged proxy list on several parts. It is helpfull for huge socks sources and for distribution of the lists by different programs. It is also provide to perform this actions by timer with your custom interval!
  4. Software is fully muli-threaded and works VERY fast! Bug-free!!! Up to 1500 checking threads per software copy!


  • Supports of downloading socks servers from different type of sources: ftp/http/local files.
  • Unlimited count of source files, ftp servers. Possibility to save output locally.
  • 5 different modes of socks checking:
    • Connect to SMTP/HTTP server check. Support ports: 25 (smtp), 80 (http), 443 (https).
    • RBL lists checking
    • Checking both on connect to SMTP and for RBL
    • Send-mail checking mode (Powerful macros support)
    • Download and save only option
  • Ability to sort output file, to prevent duplicates, to auto-remove standart ports of socks (adjustable), to split output list by any number of cuts.
  • Output results are very close to results of DM's checker
  • It is working on all 32/64-bit versions of windows!
  • Quality memory management architecture (it is very stable)
    Low CPU usage (some of %)