Proxy price list

We bring you the best tariff plans for proxy servers from all countries worldwide. Buy proxies and get proven performance & blazing fast speed with unlimited traffic!

Package # Country Quantity MAX threads Hour Day Week Month
1 World MIX World MIX 5000 500 1.50$ 14.00$ 70.00$ 252.00$
2 World MIX World MIX 12000 1000 2.10$ 20.00$ 105.00$ 378.00$
3 World MIX World MIX 20000 2000 2.70$ 35.00$ 190.00$ 700.00$
4 World MIX World MIX 30000 2500 4.20$ 51.00$ 275.00$ 990.00$
5 World MIX World MIX 40000 3000 5.00$ 65.00$ 330.00$ 1190.00$
6 World MIX World MIX 50000 5000 5.80$ 79.00$ 385.00$ 1390.00$
7 Europe Europe 1000 500 1.10$ 10.80$ 54.00$ 194.00$
8 Europe Europe 3000 1000 1.70$ 15.50$ 77.00$ 277.00$
9 Europe Europe 5000 2000 2.20$ 21.00$ 110.00$ 397.00$
10 CIS CIS 1000 500 1.00$ 10.00$ 52.00$ 187.00$
11 USA USA 500 500 1.80$ 20.00$ 100.00$ 370.00$
12 USA USA 700 500 2.50$ 25.00$ 130.00$ 400.00$
13 China China 200 300 0.50$ 7.00$ 37.00$ 135.00$

Information about proxies

List of tariffs is quite large, so you can easily pick suitable proxy package for your needs. We provide you the best prices for top quality proxy servers.

  • World MIX - all proxies are mainly from South America and Asia
  • USA - all proxies are from the USA
  • Europe - all proxies are from Europe
  • CIS (СНГ) - Commonwealth of Independent States (RU, AZ, AM, BY, KZ, KG, MD, TJ, TM, UZ, GE, MN, AF)

Important notes! All prices are valid for 1 IP-address of an authorized client. You can add some more IPs to your subscription at additional discount price. The total price will be displayed on the order page.

Average online of certain proxy packages like the USA, Europe, CIS and China can change during the day because of "high" and "low" time. Low online account can be noticed at night time.

Please consider that each proxy pool (MIX, USA, CIS, China and Europe) have its own unique proxies 100% different from proxies in other lists!

We reserve the right to change pricing without any prior notification.

The main types of proxy servers are shown bellow. Our service supports all of the following protocols on the same port, in fully automatic mode.

  1. HTTP proxies - the HTTP proxy server was originally designed to be used only with HTTP protocol. To say it even simpler, if you need to open any http:// or https:// like web address HTTP proxy servers are the best solution in 90% cases. There are almost no difference between SOCKS and HTTP proxy servers if they are used for HTTP protocol (we will speak about rare cases bit later).
  2. SOCKS4/4a/5 - the SOCKS proxy servers are more flexible and do not seize you. While HTTP proxy servers could hide your IP only when you are browsing a web page, SOCKS proxy servers could help you keep your information private (your IP) even when you are using such programs like ICQ, Skype, MSN or even email clients like Outlook, TheBat, Thhunderbird.

Our proxy lists are completely anonymous. This is a very important parameter, and it will depend on the possibility of suspicion as PROXY in the application.

If you are satisfied with our rates shown in the price list, you can buy proxies from the Direct or Backconnect category.