Terms of Service

Terms and conditions of our service

  1. All services of our website are provided in educational purposes only! Use of our Socks for carding, banking, ddos, illegal emailing/IM and other subjects of that kind as well as checking our proxies on public servers is prohibited. Use of our services in any illegal purposes is prohibited. The client commits him or herself to commit all laws - foreign, national, local and federal ones.
  2. Payment for our services made with the stolen funds or with the funds obtained from illegal sources is prohibited. This rule concerns especially PayPal.
  3. Such type of service does not allow any refund. All additions on the balance remain in the system, withdrawal of funds is not provided from the system. One has the opportunity to check the service quality only by requesting a free test period lasting for 1 hour. Test request should be performed via tickets system or via direct contact with the customer support department.
  4. Creating multiple accounts by one user is prohibited. New free tests will not be provided and the accounts will get banned.
  5. Pricing can be changed without any prior notification.
  6. The Administration reserves the right to terminate your use of our service without explanations.
  7. User balance will be reseted if the user does not access the service within six months or more.

The account can be blocked for violation these Terms!