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Best VPNs for Chrome

Each time you access the Internet, a web browser transmits personal data to sites. In this way, third parties receive your IP address, information about the device’s operating system and other gadgets that are connected to the network.

Using an insecure connection compromises privacy. Inputs, passwords are at risk.

A high-quality VPN extension helps encrypt traffic. As a result, fraudsters will not be able to access personal accounts and use them for their own purposes. The add-on will protect not only the web browser, but also mask the IP address. This will make it possible to consume content safely and remove the geographical restrictions of sites. Below we have prepared a selection of reliable extensions.


What is a VPN?

VPN - translated from English as a virtual private network. A normal connection assumes that there is a third party between the user and the Internet, and sometimes even a fourth. Thus, in this chain there may be a provider or provider + public point. The negative side of this connection is the lack of encryption. What does this mean for you? Everything is very simple - a third party sees your connections and Internet surfing. VPN helps to solve this problem once and for all.


TOP 3 VPN Applications for Android

The issue of data privacy is becoming more relevant each time. Sites, companies collect information about users for advertising and other personal purposes. Therefore, VPN services are gaining popularity. They provide safe Internet surfing and anonymity, allow you to visit sites with regional restrictions.

However, malicious or inefficient programs often hide under the guise of VPN applications. In this article, we have put together services for Android that will protect your data. They are paid or shareware, but you can definitely rely on them. And so, further TOP-3 applications for anonymous use of Wi-Fi.


The main disadvantages of public proxies

A lot of people think that public proxies can provide the same security as a private one but this is a great mistake. Public proxies do not have many advantages over private proxies. Yes, you can choose an anonymous proxy with the IP address you need but there are a lot of disadvantages of public proxies. 


What's a proxy and who needs one?

Everyone has heard the word "proxy." What does it mean? Most people think it's a word for IT professionals, but proxy can be very useful for the common person. Moreover, even an elderly person can be taught to use a proxy!