Referral system

We offer you beneficial conditions for partnership

What is it?

We are happy to announce an additional referral fee - your fee is now 10% from the amount spent by the partners you had brought. You can easily earn extra money by inviting your friends and colleagues. Your referral link includes a personal ID. Please, use your referral link - send it to a potential referral partner and ask him or her to register in our system.

After clicking the link a new user gets the set data with your unique ID. In case if this user creates an account with us, makes payment and pays for our service you will be getting 10% from the total amount he or she spent.


  1. One user can have one account only. Creating an additional account in order to get a 10% discount for the same user will end up with immediate ban. Our anti-fraud system controls in automatically.
  2. The obtained funds can be spent on any services in our system
  3. Only verified accounts can join our referral program


Lets say, you have successfully brought a referral onto a popular price package number 9. Its weekly cost is $370.00. It means you have earned $37 per week or $158 per month only from one new partner signed up! If you manage to bring 5 such customers you will earn $185 weekly or $792 monthly! Just agree that its really decent income especially if we consider how popular such kind of services is.

What to do?

  • Place a banner to your blog or website with the link to our service including your referral ID.
  • Publish a review, an article, a comparison or a recommendation for services similar to ours and add your referral link.
  • Add our service into your application and include your referral link there.
  • Mention in the preview of our service that you are using our opportunities via interfaces and include your referral links.

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