Proxy partnership program

If you are the owner of an online business in the field of anonymity, online security, or simply any service or software that requires proxy servers, you could make money from it with us. We pay 10% from payments of the recruited clients for life!

How to make money with the Advanced.Name affiliate program?

We are pleased to inform you about the launch of a partnership program that allows you to make money by attracting paying clients to our service! Our proxy service has been a leader in the online security market for decades. By recommending us to your friends and colleagues, you will receive considerable additional profit, which you can spend on any services in our proxy service or request a withdrawal of funds to your wallet. We pay 10% of payments from attracted clients, which are assigned to you forever and you will receive a percentage of all these payments for life.

Register on our website and verify your account. Go to the "Referral system" section in your personal account and copy your individual referral link. After clicking on your referral link, the user is set with cookies with your unique identifier forever, and if in the future the user registers, makes a payment and pays for our service, then 10% of the amount of his costs is credited to your account automatically.

Rules for participation in the affiliate program

  1. One user can have one account only. Creating an additional account in order to get a 10% discount for the same user will end up with immediate ban. Our anti-fraud system controls in automatically.
  2. The obtained funds can be spent on any services in our system or you can withdraw them
  3. Only verified accounts can join our partnership program

Examples of earning money from an affiliate program

For example, you recruited 1 referral to the popular tariff #6 World Mix proxies. Its weekly price is $385.00. It turns out you earned $38.5 per week or $165 per month from just one attracted client! If you managed to bring 5 such clients, you receive $192 per week, or $825 per month! Agree, it’s pretty good considering the wide popularity of this type of service. Proxy servers are involved in all online services and programs where it is necessary to perform mass actions from different IP addresses.

Ways to distribute referral links

  • Place our banner with a referral link on your online store, blog, information site, telegram channel or social networks.
  • Publish a video instruction on how to make money, review, article, comparison, or recommendations of similar proxy services by adding your referral link.
  • Create topics on Thematic Boards, add a referral link to your profile and signature on the forums.
  • Add support for our proxy service to your application, showing your referral link or banner.

Advertising materials for placement on your web site

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