Proxy server adjusting on a computer

How to adjust a proxy server, manual connection on the computer. Correct installation of a proxy in a browser — tips and recommendations from the Advanced.Name specialists

Proxy server adjusting, manual connection to a proxy on the computer

A proxy server (proxy – «to possess the right to use something on behalf of another person») is a program system allowing for indirect connection to the global network. In other words in allows a computer which is directly connected for sharing Internet access for the devices that do not have such a permission.

Such a type of servers is common not for companies only but also for individual users since it lets divide network access between two different computers. For your attention is the installation manual. It will help you connect to a network available on the next PC indirectly.

How to install                    

Entering proxy server settings in a browser

  1. Control panel.
  2. Browser settings.
  3. Select the «Connections» tab.
  4. Network settings.
  5. Check the Proxy box.
  6. Enter your proxy server data.

Installation with modem

Repeat 3 first steps of the browser installation and then:

  1. Select the modem connection (click).
  2. Click the «Settings» button.
  3. In the new window enter the address and the port just like in the first installation instruction.

Proxy server parameters setting

It is different with different web browsers since each of them has its own interface. But generally the parameters changing works the same.

  1. Open browser settings.
  2. «Optional (additional) ».
  3. Proxy settings.
  4. Manual adjustment (sometimes it's needed to uncheck the «Automatic» box).
  5. Enter your server information.
  6. Connect.

It also helps adjust your web browser functioning. That is way such a way of installation is considered to be basic, versatile and easy way to arrange an indirect connection via another PC. It will help hide your IP letting you visit websites anonymously.

Additionally access to FTP archive gets blocked and they turn anonymous. You will be able to see the information of a website which changes its response depending on a country a user is from. It happens due to blocking your location data (as well as data regarding the provider, IP address and interface parameters).