What's an anonymizer and why do you need one?

Anonymizer is a friend of the modern Internet user. It is the one who helps circumvent bans and hide information about himself. More information about why it is needed — in the article.

What's an anonymizer and why do you need one?

Using the Internet is a risky business, especially when it comes to hacker attacks and theft of personal data. Today's users do not want anyone to know what sites they visit. Sites record the IP address of each user who has visited them, some sites cannot be accessed from a specific location. That's why being able to use the Internet under a different IP address is very attractive to people. Every year, the number of bans on access to different sites by governments around the world increases. Also, a large number of companies restrict access to entertainment resources for their employees, such as social networks. So what can help circumvent all these bans? Anonymizer! 


Anonymizer is a special service that allows you to hide information about your browser, IP, location, ISP, time spent on the site and a lot of other important data. Using the Anonymizer, the user protects himself from data theft and hacker attacks. Practicality is the main reason for the popularity of anonymizers. 

Choosing a reliable anonymizer is a responsible process. To choose an anonymizer, you need to take into account many nuances, such as data transfer rate and support for certain sites. Using a low-quality anonymizer user exposes himself to a large number of risks, such as theft of confidential data. 

With the help of an anonymizer user can:

  1. Change his IP address — during a visit to a site, someone else's IP address will be transmitted so that the site will not be able to locate the user. 

  2. Place an anonymous comment on the forum, visit a site with limited access. Most sites record the IP addresses of visitors and if law enforcement agencies request access to the visitors' log, they will provide it. 

URL blocking, restricting access to resources with insufficient security, banning a specific IP address are problems that can be solved with the help of an anonymizer. 


A huge number of people use anonymizers to surreptitiously visit social networks. Moreover, separate programs are developed specifically for this purpose. No less often anonymizers are used by employees of large companies, which block access to certain sites. 

Some users combine the capabilities of a proxy server and an anonymizer to get quotas for Internet use or to put filters on viruses and advertising. To hide your real IP address, just buy proxies on the Internet. With its help, you can quickly, and most importantly anonymously, visit sites and use services.