What's a proxy and who needs one?

Each of us has heard the word "proxy", but what does it mean? What functions does a proxy perform and where can you buy it? Who uses proxies? Read the article and you will find the answers to all these questions!

What's a proxy and who needs one?

Everyone has heard the word "proxy." What does it mean? Most people think it's a word for IT professionals, but proxy can be very useful for the common person. Moreover, even an elderly person can be taught to use a proxy! 

What is a proxy? A proxy is a special service that allows you to change your IP and get access, for example, to a site prohibited in the region. Ensuring anonymity is what users value proxies for. A simple example of a forbidden site is the Spotify service. It is forbidden in some countries, for example, Russia or Ukraine, and you can get access to it only with the help of a proxy. How does this service work? First, the data from your browser is transmitted to the proxy, then the proxy transmits the data to the desired site and vice versa. In this way, the user remains unnoticed. 

There are a lot of different types of proxies but the most popular are the simplest ones. Common people use them more often than other types of proxies.

Who needs a proxy? 

Proxies are actively used by people who do not have access to some sites or services. With its help, they change their location and gain access to the needed site. It is important to note that proxies are very often used to provide web protection. Because proxies get real information about your location, browser and other things, the site or service gets untrue information. This helps prevent important data from being stolen. The proxy cannot share your data with third parties, so your information will be in a safe place. It is only by court order proxy administrators can share your data with authorized authorities. Proxies allow cybercriminals to remain in the shadow and avoid punishment. 

Proxies are also used by employees of serious companies, where companies block entertainment sites. With the help of a proxy, an employee circumvents the ban on access, for example, to social networks. 

Proxies are also used for more specific tasks, but the common user is not interested in them. Specialists already know everything. Ordinary users are more interested in the question of where to buy proxies

You can use free proxies, but no one guarantees their reliability. There are many different sites where it is possible to buy a proxy, however, it is necessary to buy proxies only from reliable suppliers of software. Using an unreliable proxy, a user risks losing important data. You can buy a proxy on our site, we provide only the most reliable and convenient proxies.