The main disadvantages of public proxies

The search for a reliable, working proxy server can be compared to looking for a needle in a haystack. However, if you know where to look, you can find a reliable proxy.

The main disadvantages of public proxies

A lot of people think that public proxies can provide the same security as a private one but this is a great mistake. 

Public proxies do not have many advantages over private proxies. Yes, you can choose an anonymous proxy with the IP address you need but there are a lot of disadvantages of public proxies. 

The first disadvantage - variability. Some anonymous proxies are poorly configured. When the administrator realizes that his proxy is being used as a public proxy, he closes the access and you will no longer be able to use the usual IP address. 

The second disadvantage - low access speed. It's not always possible to find a public proxy with high access speed. Most of them are slow. 

The public proxy server is not anonymous! Another key disadvantage of public proxy servers and the most serious one is the lack of possibility to provide full anonymity for users. Yes, there may be several public proxy servers that can provide you with complete anonymity (most of which are paid), but remember that only you are interested in keeping your data secure. 


Not all public proxies are anonymous - some of them pass on your IP address to the host in the request headers. In addition, there is no guarantee that such proxies do not log visits or forward this information to third parties. 

The fourth disadvantage - the data is transmitted over an unencrypted channel. It is possible to intercept the data you transmit. Some public proxies encrypt connections, but they require payment.

It is also ambiguous about the amount of data you transmit - some proxies may limit it. 

Free proxies are not anonymous. Most of them are owned by hackers and spammers; people who hide behind proxies are constantly looking for opportunities to steal your information and transmit some computer viruses on your device. Some public proxies are transparent, which means that instead of hiding your IP, they simply pass it on to the websites you visit.

Proxy servers do not really provide enough protection. While they can hide your IP address and provide a minimum level of security, they are not as reliable as paid proxies or other types of protection on the Internet.

If your top priorities are security and privacy, do not despair. There are many different proxies, and many of them offer varying levels of anonymity. The best option is to buy proxies at a low price. Buying proxies is cheap and will ensure the maximum anonymity of your data. You can buy a proxy on our site.