Why doesn't a free proxy work

Troubles with a free proxy, why a public proxy does not work — causes and troubleshooting from the Advanced.Name specialists

A free proxy server does not work, troubles with a public proxy — Advanced.Name

One of the most common troubles with free proxies is faulty work. It happens even if we are 100% sure that the address functions well. Often the troubles are caused by other things and we will talk about it below.

Examining the pitfalls

Free proxy servers addresses are updated regularly. Despite this fact unpleasant situation still may appear when, let's say, a connection fault occurs.

The main causes why a proxy server does not function well are the following:

  1. There is too large distance between you and a server. The address work fine but the signal reaches you so slow that it seems that it does not function.
  2. A provider may block access to certain websites. If a company finds out that you are using a proxy for accessing blocked webpages it may block the use of this server.
  3. The company acting as your proxy server provider has blocked the access to this server for all users from your network.
  4. A proxy belongs to a local network. In such a case only certain computers from this local company network may access it. The server can be available for your neighbor if his IP is among the approved ones while your IP is not.
  5. The proxy settings do not allow you to use the server.
  6. The use of free proxies does not guarantee normal functioning. The servers may stop working after a while and then start functioning again.
  7. You could have entered wrong server settings.

Advanced.Name guarantees stable functioning of paid proxies as well as all other companies providing similar services. After paying for a server you may rest assured that it will be working well. A paid proxy always provides stable connection, high speed of data transfer, abuse resistance, privacy and absolute safety of your computer.

If some of the proxies from the website list stopped working please contact our specialists. Advanced.name provides free consultations to any questions. Our customer support works 7 days per week at normal working hours.