Disabling of a proxy server in a browser

Disable a proxy server in the browser settings. How to delete a proxy from your PC - tips and recommendations from Advanced.Name specialists

How to disable a proxy server, removal of browser settings — Advanced.Name

Even the number equal to the number of fingers on two hands will be enough for telling how many browsers exist today. However regardless of a browser you use sooner or later there will be a question - how do I delete the proxy from my browser?

There are only few browsers providing an opportunity for working with proxy servers. Some of them work on the basis of Internet Explorer settings - IE is installed in each version of Windows. But every browser is developed so that a user could open the settings and disable proxy server usage with several clicks.

Mozilla FireFox

Open the settings menu and find «Tools» section. Then choose the «Adjustments» line. The point «Optional» in the «Connections» tab allows to set the needed thing. You simply need to check the «Without proxy» point when the pop-up connection settings window appears.

Internet Explorer

Find the «Service», section and open «Internet Options», then choose network connections. In the dialog window you need to uncheck the "automatic parameters determination" point. After it allow to use a proxy service for the local connection. Save settings and enjoy the result.


In the browser menu choose settings and then open the «Quick settings» subsection. Mouse is not needed here, you may do it by simply pressing F12 button. Uncheck the «Enable proxy-servers» point and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Opera browser allows to do such things not only to all the websites but also to the certain ones. In order to perform such an operation for one website only you need to simultaneously press«CTRL» and F12. In the dialog window choose the «Extended» tab, go to «Network» and to «Proxy servers» After it you need to add website domains under the text prohibiting use of proxy for certain addresses. Confirm.

Google Chrome

The browser does not have settings allowing to confirm or cancel the use of proxy servers. Choosing «Parameters» in the menu we need to go to the «Extended» tab and then to «Network». After clicking «Change proxy servers settings » you are getting to the Internet Explorer settings. By changing there the needed parameters you automatically change the Google Chrome settings.

Apple Safari

This browser does not have its own settings either just like «Chrome». In order to change settings you need to go to the menu, then to «Edit», then to – «Settings» and to «Addons». Choose the «Change settings» and do just the same you did in Internet Explorer.

As you may see there is always a way out letting disable a proxy server. You just need to know where to search for it. If you have questions left – ask our specialist! We will provide you with helpful information.