Usergate Proxy & Firewall: main opportunities

Usergate proxy server, description and use of the modules of Usergate Proxy Firewall — tips and recommendations from the specialists of Advanced.Name proxy servers sales system

Usergate Proxy Firewall, the use of modules of a proxy server — Advanced.Name

Proxy & Firewall – is a convenient and affordable option of expensive foreign software. Altogether with the embedded firewall it provides safe access to the global network, protects from external attacks and allows to control traffic. UserGate app is a web gateway for corporate networks. It is a reliable proxy server actively used in Russia.

Basic modules

UserGate is installed into the gateway of a corporate network. It allows to use the Internet, keep statistics, count traffic etc. There is an especial control panel for system administration in a proxy server. The panel is a separate program which works on the basis of a protocol developed by the manufacturer. The app may be used in both local and remote modes.

UserGate contains modules which allow to control Internet usage statistics on a workplace and via browser (remotely). This app also lets you check cache on any computer from the network which was saved with the use of Proxy & Firewall. The app may also limit the applications list which have the access to the global network. «Authorization client» module lets use extended methods for access granting (Active Directory, Windows-login and so on).

What the software can do

UserGate proxy server provides a lot of opportunities. It:

  1. Supports several providers by working with different interfaces via NAT technology in the network.
  2. Manages the Internet channel capacity with the use of Traffic Manager module.
  3. Reduces load and traffic usage. Proxy & Firewall saves the files downloaded by network users to HDD and does not download them again after a new same request providing cached versions instead.
  4. Supports VoIP.
  5. Has its own billing system.
  6. Filtrates the opportunity of using websites. A proxy server used a cloud storage technology and divides websites into categories the access is limited according to.
  7. Provides antivirus protection.
  8. Supports Internet connection with VPN-servers, establishes safe connection for the company data as well as to the data of its subsidiaries in the remote mode.

A proxy server also provides statistics data at network usage for each user. It lets create reports and import data into table editors.

A lot of naming methods in the system, created by Proxy & Firewall will let you perform authorization. IP, MAC-address of the NIC, Active Directory, logins and passwords for Windows profile set by the administrator are used then.

Proxy & Firewall based on UserGate is a proxy server which provides the largest number of functions. It solves any problems related to the shared access to the global network. A disadvantage is that one has to annually extend license for the antivirus part and for the system of website division. As for the rest the app performs its tasks quickly and provides the company's network safety from any external threats.