Use and functions of a proxy server

The use of a proxy server, goals and opportunities. Proxy definition and main features — tips and recommendations from specialists on Advanced.Name

Features, use and opportunities of proxy Functions — Advanced.Name

Today even young kids know what proxy server is. There can be different purposes and each of them provides a user with complete freedom of action. Proxy functions are not anonymous surfing only. But what is the use of proxies? Read below.


The main opportunities of a proxy server:

  • Providing access to blocked websites;
  • Increasing the speed of the connection;
  • Filtration of information;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Safety.

The main advantage of a proxy server is that even a beginning user is able to launch it and use all its functions.

Some details

Quite often schools, colleges and other organizations block the access to certain websites like social networks and entertainment web portals. In order to spend your spare time with fun you may use the opportunities of any server from the lists provided by Advanced.Name.

Proxy servers cache Internet websites and make the data receiving process faster. It is a great way to speed up the access to any type of documents, photos and any other type of static content. This feature allows for much faster receiving data already requested by another proxy user earlier..

Filtration function is often used by educational organizations. It provides limited access to the local network including only certain websites. It also controls the incoming traffic and may cut it off. After launching a proxy server in such a system you can decide yourself what websites will be available for the users.

Many websites gather user's information when a user visits them. Proxy servers provide absolute confidentiality, block detection of the OS, IP address, browser and your location.

The safety function protects user's computer from any virus attacks. During temporary load on a proxy server websites are checked with licensed software disclosing malicious code. If a website is potentially dangerous it gets blocked immediately. User's computer is in absolutely safety.

Free or paid?

On the website Advanced.Name both types of proxies are available. Depending on the functions needed you may use a free or a paid server. Please contact our consultants - they will advise you. Use the opportunities of the Internet to the full!