Failed to connect to server

Failed to connect to server, why can't one open a website in the browser. The reasons and solution are available on the website of anonymous proxy sales system А

Failed to connect to server, the reasons are related to the browser

When loading a webpage a browser can display the message of failure to connect to server. This problem may appear in any browser : «Yandex», Opera, Google Chrome. Nothing depends on the operation system here.

Firstly we need to find the causes preventing from connection to a server and then to remove them.

The action plan is the following:

  • Enter OS control panel;
  • open «Browser settings» and proceed to the «Connections» tab;;
  • Click «Network settings»;
  • Uncheck local connections;
  • Activate the automatic mode of determination of the set parameters.

In case if after the settings got saved but the website still does not load check your Internet connection. It could happen that the same problem appears at the next start of the computer. Check the settings. If the parameters have changed - there is probably malicious software (viruses) on your computer.

Internet settings check

The reasons why the connection to Internet failed could be related to the provider's settings. In order to check this we need to close the browser and follow these steps:

  • Open «Network and Internet connections (Network Management Center)» (it is located in the access panel);
  • Activate «Local network connections» with the right mouse button, select «Properties»;
  • Change the adapter parameters — select lines where IP и DNS addresses are automatic;
  • Save those new settings.

Viruses and faulty registry

If it fails to connect to server because of malicious software installed or partly deleted you need to scan your computer with the antivirus. Standard antivirus software like Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, Avast etc. will suit. One more possible reason of failure of connection to server is faulty (dirty) registry. The Appinit DLLs line in the «Registry editor» should be empty. If it is filled with some data — remove everything.

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