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What's an anonymizer and why do you need one?

Using the Internet is a risky business, especially when it comes to hacker attacks and theft of personal data. Today's users do not want anyone to know what sites they visit. Sites record the IP address of each user who has visited them, some sites cannot be accessed from a specific location. That's why being able to use the Internet under a different IP address is very attractive to people. Every year, the number of bans on access to different sites by governments around the world increases. Also, a large number of companies restrict access to entertainment resources for their employees, such as social networks. So what can help circumvent all these bans? Anonymizer! 


Bypass of websites blocking

There are many ways to bypass websites filtering even if they were locked by a control body (Roscomnadzor in Russia). Such a need is very common for everybody. Sometimes a website is blocked without any reason preventing people from getting important information. This article will include the instructions for website filtering bypass and for accessing them with a plugin or an anonymizer.


Proxy server adjusting on a computer

A proxy server (proxy – «to possess the right to use something on behalf of another person») is a program system allowing for indirect connection to the global network. In other words in allows a computer which is directly connected for sharing Internet access for the devices that do not have such a permission.


Network server setting

Nowadays even a small number of computers located in one company requires creation of a server regardless of whether it is an office or a big company, a school or a small organization. A server is a complex of programs which is supposed to synchronize and automatically process information. In other words its servers as a hardware for performing software tasks.


Why doesn't a free proxy work

One of the most common troubles with free proxies is faulty work. It happens even if we are 100% sure that the address functions well. Often the troubles are caused by other things and we will talk about it below.