Best VPNs for Chrome

Looking for a reliable VPN extension for Chrome? Want to save personal data, ensure anonymity on the network? Tired of regional site restrictions? In this article, we’ll talk about extensions that make Internet surfing safe.

Best VPNs for Chrome

Each time you access the Internet, a web browser transmits personal data to sites. In this way, third parties receive your IP address, information about the device’s operating system and other gadgets that are connected to the network.

Using an insecure connection compromises privacy. Inputs, passwords are at risk.

A high-quality VPN extension helps encrypt traffic. As a result, fraudsters will not be able to access personal accounts and use them for their own purposes. The add-on will protect not only the web browser, but also mask the IP address. This will make it possible to consume content safely and remove the geographical restrictions of sites. Below we have prepared a selection of reliable extensions.


Best VPNs for Chrome


Secure VPN for high speed. There are several types of subscriptions, the free version allows you to receive 500 Mb of traffic monthly absolutely free. Ensures easy installation and easy use.


VPN, which provides high speed. Encrypts traffic, disguises IP, allowing you to make your online stay anonymous and secure. Supplemented by CyberSec's anti-spam feature. Protects against viruses by automatically blocking malicious pages.


Hotspot Shield 

Great extension at a reasonable price. Advanced functionality and excellent speed will provide convenient use. The user-friendly interface will make it easy to figure it out. One click of a button and you will make your Internet activity as safe as possible. 


Represents one of the fastest extensions on the market. Does not save logs and online activity. Allows you to use separate tunneling, which makes it possible to choose which pages will be visited from the local IP address, and in which cases you need to use a VPN. This extension works in conjunction with the ExpressVPN application.

Use exclusively proven VPN. Remember that online malware often hides under the guise of free software, so it’s better to buy proxies and not risk it. We hope you find our selection useful.