What is a VPN?

Do you want a reliable internet connection? Can't use your favorite sites due to regional restrictions? Then this article is for you. We will tell you what a VPN is and how it helps make your stay online safe and anonymous.

What is a VPN?

VPN - translated from English as a virtual private network. A normal connection assumes that there is a third party between the user and the Internet, and sometimes even a fourth. Thus, in this chain there may be a provider or provider + public point. The negative side of this connection is the lack of encryption. What does this mean for you? Everything is very simple - a third party sees your connections and Internet surfing. VPN helps to solve this problem once and for all.

For clarity, imagine that a VPN is a tunnel that connects a huge number of roads. He hides the movement of cars from the rest. So, this is an open road only for the driver. No one knows what is happening on the other side.

The popularity of proxies is due to the ability to access content blocked in certain regions and a secure connection. In this case, you must give preference to exclusively proven applications. Often they are paid, but it's worth it. Better to buy proxies with a good rating than to fall for the tricks of intruders.


Why VPN?

VPN gives you the opportunity to bypass the restrictions imposed on certain regions. For example, in fear of the CIS, you just cannot listen to music on Spotify. However, the proxy can easily cope with such problems. And so, below are the main reasons why a proxy may be needed.

Watch foreign TV streaming for free

You will have the opportunity to watch the original programs of Discovery Channel, BBC, etc. Moreover, in most cases it is for free. It is enough to select the appropriate region in the application and everything will work out.

Shop in other countries

Sellers do not always want to interact with customers whose cards are issued in other countries. The presence of a proxy completely solves the problem. Indicate the necessary geographical location, and this will help get rid of unnecessary trouble.

Prevent eavesdropping

Nobody likes being eavesdropped. If at home the connection is password protected, then in a public place, most likely it is not. Sure, and if a password is present, it is not so difficult to get it, which creates an ideal environment for fraudsters. Secure access to the network using reliable proxies.

Remember, privacy is a hot issue these days. Therefore, be aware of Internet surfing consciously.