Individual Chinese proxies are available from any location worldwide. Paid and free proxy service for China

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Chinese proxy servers – worth paying?

China is known for is strict legal framework. Visiting many websites is prohibited for the people from other countries. In order to access such websites we need special services. Such requests are very popular in social networks, and — it is really impressive how fast proxy servers stop functioning in China.

Thus if there is a need in use of a Chinese proxy server one would like to get the answer for the following question: «Should I use free or paid servers?» Let’s talk about that.


If a user selects a paid server he or she has the right to choose the speed on the Internet-connection, the efficiency of information caching and server response time.

An additional «advantage» — is the minimum risk of failure. Such resources are not influenced with the number of operations, the time spent in online games, the number of downloads etc. Limited number of users provide better stability.

Individual proxy lists are available for quite reasonable cost. The only disadvantage is — lack of full anonymity. However, if you are not doing anything illegal your information will stay confidential anyway. Your personal data may be disclosed only in accordance with the requirement of the Chinese security services.


Free Chinese proxies lists can be found on really many websites. Their main «advantage» — is full user's anonymity. But the main problem is — that at the same time the same proxies are being used by millions of other users. It lets to decreased data transfer speed, connection problems, often failures and freezing..

It is a challenging task to find stable free Chinese proxies. Anyway, you spend only your time on such a search but not your money. For many users who want to make some simple operations on Chinese websites such an option is totally suitable. However, if you are looking for the highest level of data safety and equal load distribution as well as for stability of the Internet connection the only solution would be to buy paid proxies lists.