Billing Systems, billing for Internet service providers, telecom operators

Billing for ISPs, telecom operators. Billing system, accounting of Internet-services, web traffic -, proven and fast proxies

Billing Systems, billing for Internet service providers, telecom operators

Billing systems

Billing system: Internet traffic record automation

Billing systems are – a special software type initially developed for phone providers and Internet providers. Its function is calculation and tariff classification of the used traffic.

Tasks performed

Billing systems are created for such tasks like:

  • collecting data about the used content;
  • daily authorization and customer authentication;
  • controlling presence and outflow of funds on a customer’s account;
  • charging a certain sum depending on customer’s price package;
  • account recharge after a payment for the services provided is done;
  • introducing changes in price packages;
  • providing statistics of customer’s and provider’s operations.

They keep records of the Internet traffic going through mail gateways, networks interface, NAT and servers.

Records features

\All network packets are analyzed. The calculations – are as accurate as possible – up to one byte. The traffic is divided into two types when being recorded:

  • external – is obtained from the provider;
  • internal – is provided by the users.

During calculations the external traffic may be classified into different categories depending on connection, provider, network and protocol. Billing systems – are an opportunity to get the broad and complete picture of the content used by customers of phone providers and Internet providers. Moreover, you may create a separate counter that will notify you when the limit is reached and block the connection after the limit is exceeded. nbsp;

Some phone and Internet providers’ programs allow for setting an access schedule, for using different connection types for each group of customers, for Internet-traffic, speed and session limitation and for adjusting of crediting. One also sets the discounts and the amount of free content in this program.

Personal profiles are created for all customers. Such profiles contain the information about the account, payments, reasons of blocking, amount of the content used and statistics on user’s activity on the Internet.

Additional features

Certain programs let you turn billing systems into data usage software that will be able to work with prepaid cards. The following is then also available:

  • sales ledger;
  • contracts;
  • accounts;
  • acts.

The systems may be developed further with adding new tasks and goals.

Private proxy servers: enjoy complete freedom in the Internet

A private proxy is – a server that is let out on lease or sold to an individual customer. Use of a proxy guarantees high connection speed, lack of connection failures, complete safety of Internet surfing and 100% anonymity.

Even if you have blocked access to certain Internet pages at work you can easily skirt such a ban using a private proxy server. All you need to do is to connect this server to your computer.  

Why one may need them

Anonymous proxies are needed for:

  • betting offices creation;
  • Internet surfing;
  • anonymous network operations;
  • bypassing blocking on different websites;
  • social networks using;
  • PC protection;
  • anonymous registration on websites;
  • parsing.

They are also used for increasing the speed of data transfer via HTTP-protocol and the speed of connection to the servers located abroad. Online games – are one more field where dedicated proxies may be used. They are invisible for social networks and for this particular purpose we recommend you using Russian proxy servers.

Movies, music, access to the brand new games – all of it got lost after blocking of the torrent websites. It is much cheaper to purchase a private proxy server than to pay a fortune each time for a new licensed game, a movie or a CD of your favorite band from the official website. Why would one pay more if such a proxy allows to skirt the ban for downloading content from different websites blocked in Russia?

Individual proxies work at any operation system. The services that sell such proxy servers provide the proper adjustments for all browsers in the same kit with the server itself. The countries where the anonymous servers are located: Ukraine, Russia, Germany, England, the USA and France.