The feature for proxy tasks gathering

The feature for any proxy tasks gathering into one list has been added

The feature for proxy tasks gathering

By popular request we have introduced a new great feature allowing for consolidation of all the proxy lists you have purchased. For instance, you have the USA, Europe and World Mix packages purchased in your tasks and need to use all the proxies from all the lists. However, your program supports loading from only one web-address. Furthermore you would like to keep the possibility to use all options related to proxy list display (external IP address display, sorting by country, sorting by speed and so forth). In such a case you are better to use our new feature. 

In order to select the necessary proxy packages you need to:

  1. Get to your tasks page ( )
  2. Check the needed tasks in the ID column
  3. Click the Link button (it is located above tasks table) and get your link to the combined list. 


  • One may choose any ACTIVE tasks for combining
  • If a task gets inactive its contents will get excluded from the display available by the common link
  • All proxy display and sorting features remain active by the combined link

We wish you successful and fruitful work! Please send your comments and suggestions to