New version of SLP proxy-checker

Download new version of Socks List Processor (SLP) proxy-checker

New version of SLP proxy-checker

Introducing the new Socks List Processor 4.5 with advanced new functions.

Socks List Processor is an advanced HTTP/HTTPS/Socks4/Socks5 proxy checker under Windows.

New version features:

- Ability to download proxies from HTTPS sources.

- HTTP proxy check support have been added. There was only socks4/5 support before.

- Fixed bug with HTTPS (443 port) check. Updated SSL dlls.

- Enhanced checking log. You can see HTTP/HTTPS/SMTP server replies in logs now. Also added some colors there.

- Bug fixes

- New checking methods for backconnect proxies have been added

> Extract real ip / country / hostname

> Check on hostname existance

> RBL check for backconnect proxies

Download SLP proxy-checker is absolutely free of charge here!