Bypass of websites blocking

How to bypass the blocking by the Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications or a provider. Access methods for the blocked websites - recommendations of the Advanced.Name specialists

How to bypass website blocking. Accessing the blocked websites — Advanced.Name

There are many ways to bypass websites filtering even if they were locked by a control body (Roscomnadzor in Russia). Such a need is very common for everybody. Sometimes a website is blocked without any reason preventing people from getting important information. This article will include the instructions for website filtering bypass and for accessing them with a plugin or an anonymizer.

It is much easier to get access to the blocked website than you think. Even those who are not that good in IT will be able to do it.

Different browsers typically have different bypass mechanisms. Some of them allow for easy access to any website - like Opera, for instance. It is enough to switch the «Turbo» option on in the menu.

Ways to access blocked content


FriGate is the most convenient plugin redirecting addresses from a website to its own servers. It's possible to download FriGate from the Web Store. It is usually used in Chrome.

ZenMate plugin is the same solution for Firefox. Despite this plugin requires registration and email for authorization before you start the work it provides privacy for visiting anonymous websites. Although it is not that important since none of the responsible bodies monitor people who bypass the blocking. The probability of being punished for that is incredibly low.



  1. Select an IP address.
  2. «Control panel».
  3. «Network connections».
  4. TCP-IP settings.
  5. Enter DNS data in the proper fields.

Unfortunately such a method is not perfect since it is impossible to set a corporate computer with a proxy server. However it is one the most convenient and easy ways which does not require any installation for accessing the needed pages.

There are also often questions about accessing websites blocked by a provider. The same browser extension will help here (Frigate, Zenmate and Tor Browser) as well as an anonymizer.

Anonymizers deserve high attention because they do not require installation either. There can be found lots of anonymizing services online. They let access the content blocked by both legal bodies and provider. For accessing the blocked websites you need to merely copy and paste its URL into the anonymizer field and enter this webpage.