Software for monitoring internet traffic, accounting and network traffic on your computer

Software for traffic control, flow monitoring and speed. Accounting for network, Internet traffic on your computer -, trusted and fast proxies

Software for monitoring internet traffic, accounting and network traffic on your computer

Internet traffic control software

Control of  Internet traffic – is an opportunity to limit access to certain websites. With a simple control program a manager can track what the company funds are spend on. Moreover, it also allows for estimating the number of packets accepted by a computer from the provider. Internet traffic control tools for PC show the operations made by users, display the active pages, the number of connections and provide the data regarding connection speed.

Why would one need that?

Content control and record software for PC helps:

  • optimize the network functioning – the employees are not being distracted so often and spend more time on their work duties;
  • perform monitoring of how much traffic is used by one user and who needs to access websites and who does not;
  • to exclude the possibility of unneeded and unsuitable access.

Network traffic accounting includes possible overloads and allows to adapt connection speed timely. It also increases the work network safety and discloses the computers violating the rules.

How does it work

All the information about PC functioning monitoring is saved in the software database. One may access it absolutely any time and see either simple or detailed report.

Data packets coming from the provider are controlled via especial counters that keep a record of the total amount of the information being received. The counters may be adjusted at one’s discretion – one can cut the network traffic off, for instance. When the limit is reached the system sends a warning signal or blocks the computer.

Certain types of counters perform monitoring of the Internet security, blocked data packets, networks, severs, protocols and ports. You may see the reports for a needed period by all of the listed above points.

By completing   traffic and speed control software with a firewall, a good antivirus and DLP-systems one may get high quality and efficient control over all the data and the proper information protection from an unauthorized intrusion.