Abuseproof (bulletproof) hosting: it is an opportunity to place any content on your website

Loyal hosting (Bullerproof) for mailings and any type of content. Bulletproof hosting Europe, Asia, USA and Russia

Abuseproof (bulletproof) hosting: it is an opportunity to place any content on your website

Bulletproof hosting

Abuseproof (bulletproof) hosting: it is an opportunity to place any content on your website

Have you encountered complaints on your website, blocking, VPS or cloud server disabling or even removal? Hosting owners don’t want to provide services to problem-plagued websites. As an option – one can move to another web address. However often moving – means time and money loss. Bulletproof hosting is efficient not only on Russian territory. It does not matter what kinds of complaints you get:

  • copyright abuse;
  • fraud;
  • spam.

Bulletproof-hosting – is a service that is provided to websites with big number of complaints. It allows for publishing absolutely any content (included prohibited materials, counterfeit files, software, videos, programs, information) and send spam using a foreign web-server. No blocking, access limitations and other inconveniences.

Main features

Bulletproof-hosting allows for placing websites prohibited in Russia on foreign web servers. The equipment of the companies providing such services is located in liberal countries of Europe (Netherlands), Asia (China), South Africa, Panama, Malaysia. The crucial thing here is – the appropriate legal basis that does not allow authorities blocking the content. Abuseproof hosting is not only a VPS, it may also be a cloud or a dedicated server.

The main difference between bulletproof hosting and usual hosting is the “width” of the Internet channel. Larger sizes guarantee lack of reaction for overload caused by mass search requests. There is nearly zero probability of any type of information removal.  

Who needs that

What type of hosting is especially popular among the websites:

  • with adult content (pornography);
  • with counterfeit information and software;
  • with videos and warez;
  • sending spam, viruses, phishing and carding;
  • selling prohibited materials and goods.

However, even a Bulletproof hosting blocks the software used for hacking governmental websites or the websites spreading child pornography. Each hosting owner also has his own list of the prohibited content that will be removed from the server.


Bulletproof hosting will not be cheap. It happens that its price is 2–3 times higher than a price for ordinary hosting. Hosting owners often guarantee saving all the information for extra payment and it doesn’t matter if this information is published in the Internet legally..

The price is influenced by the kind of published contents. Quite often the price is set individually. Advanced.name service will help you select a foreign web server with the optimal price and capacity. Use it for placing adult content, sending spam or newsletter in both Russia and other countries.