News of our proxy service

News of our proxy service. Seasonal promotions for proxies, price changes, the emergence of new tariff plans and much more will be published in this section. Buy proxies here.

Account verification using telegram

A new option has been added to verify your account using the telegram bot.

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The MIX package has become even more profitable!

The most popular package of 10,000 proxies MIX became 20 percent more profitable!

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Attention. Promo!

Get on the balance + 20% to the replenishment amount for free!

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Attention! Scammer!

Attention, the company informs you that we do not have Skype for customer support! Any persons writing to you on Skype and offering discounts or subscriptions are scammers and does not bear any responsibility for them.

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Adding 5000 European proxies tariff

Added a package with 5000 proxies from EU countries only

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