Description of our proxy service, as well as step by step instructions on the operation of the user interface.

Description of proxy service

Description of our proxy service, as well as step by step instructions on the operation of the user interface.

By popular request, we provide description and the most complete user guide on working with automated web interface of the proxy service


Let’s start with a bit of theory. A lot of people wonder what the difference between Direct Proxy and Backconnect proxy is. Actually, an end user does not feel any significant difference. Direct Proxy consists of the list of various IP addresses with an arbitrary port. It just means that all proxy servers have their external IP and you directly connect to it. Backconnect Proxy is a proxy type with the access via a special gateway server (a proxy server does not have a dedicated external IP). Stated differently, you connect to one IP address that has different ports while the connections are transmitted to the proxies which have different IP addresses. The only disadvantage of such a technology is that there is no clear IP in the list. However, we have managed to bypass this restriction – in case of necessity just please add a proxy key ?showextip to your link. It enables the same external IP (hidden behind getway) to be displayed in the proxy list alongside with gateway_ip:gateway_port.

Here is another frequently asked question – why would I need that backconnect proxy at all? The answer is pretty simple. Just imagine that you need to take millions of actions in the web per minute on different online services which have the feature of blocking multiple requests from 1 IP. For instance, an online service allows to get certain data only 5 times per 1 IP address. “Get data” could mean “register, purchase, check, make a request, send” and so on. Thus using 35.000 proxies you get the access to 175.000 information items instead of 5. Please consider that about 20% of IPs in our service are daily updated… It means that the next day of the service use your list will get updated by 20%. In total your proxy pool will contain about 100.000 proxies online! Just try to find another proxy service provider with such a pool ;) Anyway, that’s just the general information. On practice each service needs to have a certain selection of proxies by country. And, of course, we have such selections. Currently we provide the following packages: the USA, Europe, CIS, China and the World Mix.

In turn, one can pick certain countries from each selection. For example, when one uses the World Mix package and the key ?country=BR,MX he or she gets the list including only the given countries. More information regarding additional list output function can be found right in the window where the link to a proxy list is provided. Then and there, our superfast proxies will suit any purpose: whether it be legal bulk mailing (both direct MX mailing or web mailing), registration of various accounts (Facebook, Twitter, VK, OD, Instagram,, Yahoo, Avito, Drom, Mamba, LovePlanet etc.), booking checking on ticketmaster, checking of absolutely all types of content, any boosting and finally automated web navigation and all other things of that kind demanding large arrays of different IPs for access.

Do we have formed proxy list replacement every 10 minutes? No, we do not. Direct proxy – one needs to download every 8 minutes. Backconnect proxy – download every 5 minutes if you wish to know the exact external IP behind each port (use the key ?showextip). It’s impossible to forecast how long a certain proxy server lasts. It could last for 10 minutes or for 10 hours. One thing is for sure – a Backconnect proxy server behind a gateway port lasts as long as the port does.


Please register here to start using our service. The registration process is incredibly simple. Please fill all the fields, enter captcha and click the “Register” button.

Then you need to take a look at our price packages. Currently we have 22 of them and each package has its own following parameters:

  • Proxy type - Direct or Backconnect (More details – see above)
  • List of countries - Basic country selections are: the USA, Europe, CIS, China and the World Mix. Each list is 100% unique with the unique IPs only.
  • Number of proxies in the list - The number of IPs necessary for your purpose. The bigger this parameter is the bigger part of a proxy pool is available for you.
  • Maximum number of flows allowed - Restrictions on data flow. Please check if the data flow settings of your software do not exceed the limit.

After you have selected the most suitable price package you have the right for 1-hour free test. Unfortunately, excessive use of free tests made us introduce additional measures. You will need to pass through a very quick and easy verification process in order to start free testing of any price package.

Now it’s the best time to return to the pricing table once again. As you may see our services provides the opportunity to pay HOURLY, DAILY, WEEKLY and MONTHLY. The longer the extension is, the cheaper proxies are. On the other hand, the shorter the payment period is the less money you will need to pay at one time. The prices start from $0.9 for one hour of the price package no.1 (in the hourly extension mode). However, if you choose monthly payment 1 hour will cost you only $0.35! Please pay attention that we always state all our prices per one authorized IP address. In other words you will have the access to the proxy list you have bought only from 1 your server. Usually that’s absolutely enough, but to be on the safe side we have provided the opportunity to add any number of IPs for authorization. In order to add several IP addresses please add each IP into a new line in the “IP address” textbox when filling out the order form. Each additional IP will be calculated with the discount. All calculations are instantly updated and visible on the order page.


OK, so you have chosen the price package and the extension cycle. Now you need to fill your balance in our system. We accept all popular online currencies in the automatic mode. After paying via a merchant service you immediately get your paid subscription!

We automatically accept:

  • Webmoney (WMZ, WMR, WME, WMU)
  • PerfectMoney
  • BitCoin (all types of cryptocurrencies)
  • Paxum
  • QIWI
  • Yandex.Money
  • Internet banking
  • SMS, self-service payments terminals and many other payment methods...

Manual balance refilling(minimum $100):

  • PayPal


After completing the payment and balance replenishment you will see your price package in the "Tasks" menu. Let’s now dwell upon tasks.

Tasks are the purchased proxy packages. One user can have several tasks. For example, 35 000 of the World Mix with weekly payment and 2 000 of the USA list with monthly payment – any combination could be here.

Depending on the user’s category each task can be:

  • Paused – normally 3 times during the operating time. The maximum pause length is 1 week. If you do not remove pause during the week the task will be launched automatically (the “Pause” button is in the “Actions” column)
  • Change authorized IP-addresses - normally 3 times during the operating time (click on the “Wrench” in the IPs column).
  • Stopped (with refund) - possible in case of substantial reasons. Should be approved by moderators. (the “Stop” button in the “Actions” column).
One can also use the additional functions:

  • Auto payment - an active task will be extended after finishing the paid period only if there is enough money in your account balance. Enabled by default in all tasks except tests and tasks with hourly and daily payment (The button in the “Cost” column).
  • Borrow - the function is available for established customers and after moderator’s approval. One can borrow a task for 1 day (The button in the “Cost” column).
Click the “Link” button in the “Actions” column in order to get your link to the purchased proxies. A new modeling window with all necessary information will appear. Let’s examine it better:

As is seen from the image above we have many different options to make proxy list get displayed the way you need! The top link is a simple list with 1 proxy:port in a line. Additional parameters can be combined.

There’s left nothing but to direct the link to proxy in your program and enjoy the results.


Don’t forget to provide correct contact information in your profile in order to get notifications timely. You will get a notifying message to your email/Jabber/ICQ when there is only one day left in your payment period. If you have enough funds and automatic payment is enabled the subscription will be extended automatically and no notification will be sent. Please control your balance in order not to avoid forced idle hours.

We’ve been working in that business since 2005 and we are oriented for long-term cooperation. That is why our service is getting better all the time. Every day we add dozens of thousands of new proxies, improve our user interface and add new features and functions. We are always open to your suggestions concerning our service. Our team of programmers can introduce any solutions without any restrictions. Please send your suggestions to our contacts and we will consider them. Work with the best!