Free proxy servers in the USA. A review dedicated to free anonymous proxies: all pros and cons

Comparison of paid and free proxies in the USA. Are the free proxies anonymous enough and why the paid servers are better?

Paid and free proxies: advantages and disadvantages

Development of the Internet lead to the situations when companies and different websites offer free proxies and access to paid servers in the USA, China, Europe and CIS throughout the country. Let’s consider them all.


If you have decided to get access to the list of paid proxy servers, you have the opportunity to choose the most suitable option. The users can select different packages depending on:

  • speed;
  • efficiency of information caching;
  • server response time etc.

A great thing about a paid service is that connection failures happen quite rarely. It does not matter how many songs you download or what a movie, you can even play online games as long as you wish – a server will be always functioning consistently.

There are only few «disadvantages» of a paid server. The first one is the necessity to pay and the second one is lack of guarantee of the full anonymity. Unfortunately, it is impossible to provide complete confidentiality. There are situations when companies’ details including business addresses have to disclose data upon the request of law bodies.

It is possible to attach a chain of proxy servers from the USA and Russia – it will minimize the possibility of personal data disclosure, however it is definitely not affordable for everybody. Moreover, such a switch between servers can appear to be quite difficult.


A list of free proxies can be found online on special websites. Their functioning is based on redirecting of customers’ requests to the final web server in a way that excludes any possibility to identify the initial location of the user. Such servers are fully anonymous. However, it’s better to avoid celebrating.

Free American proxies as well as proxies of other countries are used by millions of users. In the moment of your connection to a proxy server the same thing is being done by several dozens of other users from Russia at the same time. It negatively influences the efficiency and the clearness of signal. Thus if you want to download something such a poor connection can slow the process down to hours and even days. However, you do not have to pay anything.

Today it’s quite difficult to find free Russian web servers or proxies located in the USA. They are not functioning or cannot switch to the paid functioning. Moreover, one can use such free options for some small operations. It’s quite dangerous to use free proxies if you visit websites that require registration – such data can be easily stolen.

Data safety, proper distribution of the network load and access to its secret parts — can be provided only with a paid web server. Such a server allows for downloading gigabytes of necessary information, making purchases on American websites and running business without worrying about the quality and speed of the connection.